Bengaluru Allergy Foundation (BAF) was set up in the year 2017, as an offshoot of Bangalore Allergy Centre in a bid to give back to the society in whatever way possible. Since then, it has organised various public welfare activities, to name a few: Asthma camps, Patient Support Group Meetings, Counselling to Allergy patients, Inhaler Bank, Award ceremonies to recognise the professionals for their scientific and clinical contributions in the field of Allergy.



Free spirometry screening and clinical evaluation, conducted regularly on World Asthma Days every year.


BAF sponsors free sublingual Immunotherapy medication to BPL patients. The Trust identifies financially challenged patients suffering from allergy disorders on the basis of below poverty line (BPL) status. 


Through PSG, BAF sponsors to conduct periodical awareness program for allergy patients through online mode/offline mode and celebrates ‘World Allergy Week’ as per World Allergy Organisation (WAO) guidelines every year. It organises ‘Patient Doctor Interaction’ sessions at Bengaluru Allergy Centre on last Saturday of every month.


People with allergies face many challenges as they grapple with their own fears, as well as the fears of their loved ones. There is a need for emotional and practical support. Professional counselling may improve quality of life in areas such as self-esteem, sense of control, and the understanding of their diagnosis. BAF provides tele-counselling services to all its patients on SLIT therapy through certified and trained medical counsellors.


Supporting the needy asthma patients with complimentary inhalers. This further aids in patient well controlled asthma status for this will improve their QoL. This project was initiated in association with Rotary Bengaluru Reach Out Club. So far have delivered 1150 + inhalers to the needy since 2019.


We make an earnest appeal to join and strengthen us by your active involvement in various capacities and sourcing generous donations to BAF for achieving its objectives. We reiterate that your assistance will go a long way. Become a part of this BAF movement through compassionate and free will contribution. Kindly contact us to make donations. The donations made to BAF Academy have a tax benefit under 80 G.


BAF recognises the personalities for their contribution in the field of Allergy and Immunology.

  • Eminent Scientist Award: Naveen Arora, 2018
  • Emeritus Professor: Dr. S.N. Agashe, 2017
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: AB Singh, 2017