BAF Academy


On completing this program, the doctor will be able to:

• Identify various allergens.
• Diagnose allergic conditions/diseases.
• Identify treatment modalities.
• Counsel patients suffering from allergic conditions.
• Provide personalized treatment.
• Contribute towards improving quality of life for patients suffering from allergy.


• Theory sessions by subject matter experts
• Formative assessments
• Journal Club/Seminar presentation by students
• Case presentation by students
• Discussion Forums
• Hands-on training
• Summative assessment

Instructional System / Mode of Instruction:

Material pertaining to each module will be provided to students through the learning management system (LMS).  Students will have to refer to the standard texts and videos suggested. Based on the self-learning through use of these resources, students make presentations, which will be evaluated by faculty members. This will be supplemented by faculty presentations, where faculty members will share their clinical experience. The student is assessed for learning after completion of each chapter.

Clinical sessions include training in areas of allergy history taking, diagnosis, patient record maintenance, laboratory investigations, treatment, personalized formulation preparation, counselling, and research. Students will also be trained on presentation, and teaching skills.

To stimulate analytical ability to promote better judgment in Allergy diagnosis, discussion forums are organized. Here the students are free to post their comments related to the topic. The faculty members will moderate the same. Hands on training will be provided. Students are expected to adhere to all timelines to be able to benefit from the program.

Academic Calendar will be shared at the beginning of the session.


There are both-Formative and Summative assessments. A minimum of 50% will have to be scored by the student, in both components. 75% attendance is the minimum requirement.


Twelve months from date of commencement of the batch.


Contact us for the syllabus, mode of admission and any other details.